Become a Member

How you can help PVLT:

PVLT relies on grants, monetary gifts and membership fees to establish endowments, to secure easements, or to make other arrangements to protect the watershed. The money is used to pay taxes, maintain boundaries, and prevent future development on the land.

There are many ways for you to lend a helping hand to the Passumpsic Valley Land Trust.

  • Become a member

    Simply print and fill out the membership form and mail it to PVLT, and your yearly membership fee will go directly towards improving the well being of the river.

  • Give the gift of land

    A land donation is a significant financial help to PVLT. If the quality and location of the land will help to fulfill the mission, an appropriate project plan will be designed for the parcel. If the land does not meet the mission requirements, it could be sold so that the proceeds could be used to fund projects throughout the valley.

  • Bequest land to the PVLT

    By naming PVLT as a beneficiary of your estate, you can be assured that your land will be used to benefit the beauty of the Passumpsic River Valley.

  • Volunteer to Monitor Land