Joe’s Pond Inlet

joespond1 joespond2

  • Located along Joe’s Brook at the inlet to Joe’s Pond in the Town of Danville, VT
  • Purchased from Virginia Hoar and Nilda Silloway on March 28, 2012
  • Purchased with Mitigation and Enhancement Grant
  • Approximately 12 acres with over half a mile of Joe’s Brook River frontage
  • Parking and easy access for car-topped boats to Joe’s Brook and Joe’s Pond
  • Unfortunately, there is not enough parking on this private road for recreational access to the adjacent Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.
  • Wildlife habitat for a variety of birds and riparian and aquatic species
  • Predominately marshland and sedge meadows with roughly 1.5 acres of undeveloped cedar/hemlock upland forest